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CMMU employs the finest teaching faculty in Thailand. Possessing a wealth of international experience gained at some of the world's most prestigious universities, businesses and government organizations (e.g., MBA's, Ph.D.'s from MIT, Cambridge, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, Monash, Harvard, Erasmus), our faculty members represent a strong blend of deep industry experience and educational qualifications, excellent teaching skills, caring and enthusiastic attitude towards students.

The CMMU full-time faculty teach, advise students, conduct research and corporate training, and consult to companies local and international. CMMU also engages foreign and Thai business owners, consultants, and management professionals as part-time faculty. They are valued for their high level of educational qualifications as well as for their practical management experience in Thailand and the region. They are an integral part of the life at CMMU providing a vital link to business and industry as well as teaching and advising students. Adjunct faculty members are selected carefully for their management knowledge and skills, teaching ability and commitment to CMMU.


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Research Area: Entrepreneurship

Asst. Prof. Kittichai Rajchamaha, Ph.D.

Specializations: Technology Adoption for Innovative Entrepreneurship, Innovative Business Model Innovation and Planning, Entrepreneurial Finance Education, Business Valuation

Assoc. Prof. Nattavud Pimpa, Ph.D.

Specializations: International Business, Social Issues in Business, Diversity Management, Sustainability and Business, CSR, Transnational Business Education

Asst. Prof. Suthep Nimsai, Ph.D.

Specializations: Entrepreneurial Economics, Strategic Management and Innovation, Supply Chain Analysis and Logistics Innovations, Circular Economy and Sustainability Management, International Business and Marketing, Agri-Food Marketing.

Assoc. Prof. Thanaphol Virasa, Ph.D.

Specializations: Entrepreneurship and innovation management, Public policy on research and technology management, and innovation system

Asst. Prof. Trin Thananusak, Ph.D.

Specializations: Strategic Management, Innovation and Change, Organizational identities and images, Multiple statuses, Value and justification, Institutions, Chinese businesses, Open Access and Scholarly communications, Small business and family business management

Triyuth Promsiri, Ph.D.

Specializations: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Product Development, Opportunity Recognition, Design Thinking and Strategic Foresight.

Assoc. Prof. Winai Wongsurawat, Ph.D.

Specializations: Managerial Economics and Strategy

Research Area: Finance

Assoc. Prof. Chanin Yoopetch, Ph.D.

Specializations: Finance, Marketing and Strategy

Asst. Prof. Piyapas Tharavanij, Ph.D., CFA, FRM

Specializations: Investment Analysis, International Finance, Risk Management, Econometrics

Professor Roy Kouwenberg, Ph.D., CFA

Specializations: Finance, Investments

Asst. Prof. Simon Zaby, Ph.D.

Specializations: Finance

Research Area: Marketing

Asst. Prof. Boonying Kongarchapatara, Ph.D.

Specializations: Retail marketing, retail analytic and strategy, customer loyalty, and lifetime value

Asst. Prof. Phallapa Petison, Ph.D.

Specializations: Localization strategies, Strategic management, Strategic marketing management, Qualitative research

Assoc. Prof. Randall Shannon, Ph.D.

Specializations: Marketing, Consumer behavior, Retailing, Cross-cultural, Sustainable consumption

Research Area: Management

Assoc. Prof. Astrid Kainzbauer, Ph.D.

Specializations: Intercultural Management, Asian Management, Cultural influence on teaching/learning, Experiential learning, Embodied Cognition

Assoc. Prof. Parisa Rungruang, Ph.D.

Specializations: General Business Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Research

Professor Philip Hallinger, Ed.D.

Specializations: Leadership, Organizational Change, School Improvement, Leadership Development, Management Education, Educational Reform, Quality in Higher Education, Problem-based Leadership Development

Assoc. Prof. Sooksan Kantabutra, Ph.D.

Specializations: Organizational innovation, sustainable enterprises, organizational competitiveness, sustainable leadership.

Assoc. Prof. Suparak Suriyankietkaew, Ph.D.(s)

Specializations: Leadership, Sustainable Leadership, Sustainability Strategy, Sustainable Development, Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, Strategic Management, Resilience and Organization Behaviors

Research Area: Strategy and Innovation

Assoc. Prof. Nathasit Gerdsri, Ph.D.

Specializations: Strategic Technology Management, Technology Planning and Roadmapping, Project Management

Assoc. Prof. Prattana Punnakitikashem, Ph.D.

Specializations: Operations Management, Applied Operations Research in Health Care, Health Care Management

Asst. Prof. Sirisuhk Rakthin, Ph.D.

Specializations: Marketing Strategy, International Business Management, Knowledge Transfer and Management, Strategic Management, and Corporate Strategy

Assoc. Prof. Vichita Ractham, Ph.D.

Specializations: Group-Supported System (Using Technology to enhance productivity in group work), Social interaction in Teamwork, Knowledge Management

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