The College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU) research is dedicated to forging links between academics, researchers and student across the college

CMMU Publications

An indicator of CMMU's academic leadership in Management is the research published by faculty members.

Funded Research

On-going research activities of CMMU's faculty members are consulting and research projects, with local or international grants.

Research Regulations

CMMU compliance with Rules and Regulations of Mahidol University about Research. See more information below.


Research Clusters aim to foster a range of new ideas in multi-disciplinary setting, wherever they might be taking shape. Identifying fields and research questions that do not belong to a particular department, research clusters encourage new groupings that may grow into longer-term partnerships or provide briefer bursts of inspiration and pollination.

Leadership Research Group (LRG)

The LRG is a group of social scientists, along with colleagues and friends from other educational institutions and the corporate world, genuinely interested in gaining insights into aspects of leaders through conducting rigorous, scientific research.

Consumer Life-course Studies Group (CLSG)

CLSG is a global network of academic researchers who study the buying and consumption habits of people at different stages in life.

Global Future Skills Cluster (GFSC)

The GFSC will focus on research, education, and training on global skills for the future. We will conduct research projects, disseminate ideas to the public, and engage with the industry to ascertain and develop key skills for management graduates.

Center for Research on Sustainable Leadership (CRSL)

CRSL is a doctoral research center for all aspects of management and leadership for sustainable development. We offer a world-class PhD program in Sustainable Leadership (

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