Prattana Punnakitikashem, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Research Area: Strategy and Innovation
Specializations: Operations Management, Applied Operations Research in Health Care, Health Care Management

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Dr. Prattana Punnakitikashem received her bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University in 2001 and a Master's degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA in 2003. She completed her Ph.D. in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, USA in 2007. Her Ph.D. dissertation was on integrated nurse staffing and assignment under uncertainty.

Prior to her appointment at College of Management, Mahidol University, Dr. Punnakitikashem was an adjunct professor at the School of Business Administration, National Institution of Development Administration (NIDA) where she taught MBA courses such as quantitative analysis for business decision making, operations management. Previously, Dr. Punnakitikashem taught as a guest lecturer in nursing research classes at School of Nursing, the University of Texas at Arlington.

Dr. Punnakitikashem’s primary research interests include decision making under uncertainty, operations management, applied operations research, optimization, and stochastic optimization. Her research typically involves health care applications. She is a member of INFORMS, IIE, Alpha Pi Mu, and Tau Beta Pi.
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    2. Punnakitikashem P. (PI), Rakthin, S., Ruangpaka, V., Research Project for Studying Market Opportunity and Investment Option for Gene and Cell Therapy Center, Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), 2015-2016. Amount Undisclosed
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    7. Punnakitikashem P. (PI), “Organizational Innovation: Examination of Lean Strategy Implementation in Healthcare Service Organizations in Thailand,” New Faculty Development Funding, Thailand Research Fund (TRF), March 2010 – March 2012, Amount: THB 300,000
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