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For most students, studying at CMMU is different from their undergraduate experience. We encourage students to learn not only from their teachers but also from each other. Most of our students are working; this on-the-job experience is a valuable resource for deepening students' understanding of management. Each class provides students with different management tools and knowledge that they can apply to real business issues. Students also learn how to develop their thinking to become more systematic in their approach to analyzing and solving problems.

The learning process at CMMU also emphasizes the development of EQ emotional competencies that are critical to success in business and life. We do this first by creating greater self-awareness among students. Second, we share tools and strategies students can use to achieve results with and through people. And finally, our learning process often places students in situations where group problem-solving and teamwork are necessary for individual success. Participation in and reflection on these experiences provides a new experience base that can assist students in developing their EQ. Our approach to management education delivers unique value through:
  • Application of global theories of management in the Asian environment
  • Learning to lead through experience
  • The personalized learner-centered environment with small classes
  • Innovative curriculum aligned to the needs of industry
  • Flexible program options that meet a wide range of students' needs
  • Faculty with expertise in both management and student-centered learning
  • Quality control that ensures an international standard of education
  • Management research and corporate training that adds knowledge to our curriculum
  • State-of-the-art information and learning technologies installed in all classrooms and incorporated into instructional design and delivery.

Global Knowledge in a Regional Context

At CMMU we believe that best practices in business and education have changed in the 21st century. Consumers throughout the world now expect world class companies to adapt products and services to meet the tastes and requirements of their local markets. We have accepted the educational challenge to localize global knowledge by creating a program in which students learn how to apply global theories of management in the Asian environment.

All of our instructors, including foreign lecturers, are based in Thailand. This allows them to draw upon both local and global experience. Our students have access to the latest global resources on business theories and practices and our curriculum includes a library of video and text cases focusing on local and regional companies.

Innovative Curriculum

We lead the way in offering an innovative and unique curriculum aligned to the changing needs of the business community. Our programs range from those with a specific management focus such as marketing, finance or entrepreneurship, to others that involve newly emerging management practices and more general management and leadership skills. In learning our unique specializations, students gain career advantage from in-demand knowledge that is in short supply.

Active and Flexible Learning

We emphasize learning by doing in teams where experienced instructors take the role of coach rather than lecturer. Our students 'experience leadership' through role plays, simulations, multi-media cases, video clips of business situations, case studies, and problem-based learning. They learn to develop creative solutions to business problems as they apply management theories, tools and techniques to real-life situations. This allows them to develop emotional competencies for managing themselves, as well as for leading and working with others.

Information and Learning Technology

CMMU students have access to the premier on-line databases of business journals and an up-to-date library. We have a reputation for innovative use of state-of-the-art information and learning technologies which are installed in all classrooms and incorporated into instructional design and delivery. Our video library contains over 1,000 digital video clips of management and business situations, many from Thailand and the region.

Students use instructional computer classrooms to learn software programs for management and for courses that employ computer simulations. They can also use their own or college's computers with wireless access from anywhere on our campus.

CMMU Mahidol top 5% business school worldwide 2020

CMMU utilises problem-based learning so that students are engaged and interact during their classes, focusing on learning by doing (not memorisation), along with their classmates. Classes are deliberately kept small, to enhance student engagement and learning.

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