Doctor of Philosophy program in Sustainable Leadership

Stand Out from the crowd

Program Rational

The Ph.D. in Sustainable Leadership at CMMU responds to a growing demand for scholars and management professionals in the multidisciplinary management field of sustainable development. Guided by the late King of Thailand’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, the program develops graduates who are capable of contributing their research and management expertise to the solution of complex social problems.

CMMU Graduate Make a Difference

Over the past 20 years, CMMU has gained a strong reputation both for high quality, studentcentered learning and engagement in research that impacts society. Our PhD graduates are capable of conducting research that meets international journal publication standards and reshapes management practice. Graduates of the PhD in SL will have the mindset, knowledge, and skills to contribute towards developing sustainable societies.

High Research Quality at Mahidol University

Mahidol University is one of the most prestigious universities in Thailand, recognized for its outstanding achievements in research, teaching and service to society. The College of Management is one of the top-ranked management schools in Thailand with three of Thailand's top-10 management scholars on its full-time faculty.
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