Doctor of Philosophy program in Sustainable Leadership

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Frequently Asked and Question

  • Who are the target applicants?
    The program is seeking lecturers, researchers, consultants, managers with an interest in leadership and sustainable development.
  • What career opportunities will I have after graduation?
    Graduates will be qualified to assume positions as lecturers, researchers, consultants, and as managers in national and international organizations)
  • Can I apply if I have limited research background?
    Yes, but you may need to take additional courses in research methods.
  • Is this a full time program? Can I study in the evening or weekend? Do I need to quit my job?
    Students are expected to attend full time during the first year. Classes are held in the daytime during the week. Therefore, students must be able to have a flexible schedule.
  • What is the term of payment of entrance fee and tuition fee, yearly basis or termly basis?
    The entrance fee is paid when admission is accepted. Tuition fees are paid on term-by-term basis, 3 times per year.
  • What kind of financial support is offered by CMMU?
    The College offers several different types of Scholarships, each of which provides different rates of payment for tuition. Some scholarships also come with a stipend for a Research Assistantship to help support students. Please inquire directly to find out more about scholarship opportunities.

More Questions

If you have any question, please feel free to contact our program coordinator.

Ms. Worawan (Wan)
Program Coordinator
Weekday 08:30 - 16:30
Tel: +662 206 2000 ext. 3208
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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