Doctor of Philosophy program in Sustainable Leadership

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Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, all the Ph.D. entrance tests are conducted online.
This includes the TOEFL (iTP) test, the Analytical test, and the interviews.

Entrance Examination and Interview

Tests for CMMU Ph.D. Program Applicants

CMMU regularly organizes an English language test for applicants without a recent TOEFL or IELTS score, and an analytical test once a year for applicants without a GMAT score. The CMMU entrance tests are held on weekend dates. Applicants with sufficient scores on these tests will be invited for an interview with CMMU faculty members, to find a matching supervisor in their area of interest. See below for more detailed information.

English Language Test

CMMU organizes an English language test for applicants without a recent TOEFL or IELTS score (max. 2 years old). Native speakers (e.g., from the U.S., U.K., Australia or Canada) are exempt from the English language test. CMMU uses the TOEFL ITP English Test, consisting of 3 sections: Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension.
Section No. of Questions Admin. Time Score Scale
Listening Comprehension 50 35 minutes 31 – 68
Structure and Written Expression 40 25 minutes 31 – 68
Reading Comprehension 50 55 minutes 31 – 67
TOTAL 140 115 minutes 310 – 677

Analytical Test

The Analytical Test for the CMMU Ph.D. program is organized once a year, and required for all applicants without a recent GMAT score (max. 2 years old, target >= 600). It is a 3-hour test, consisting of 4 parts: Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Statistical Reasoning, and Management Reasoning.
  • Logical Reasoning consists of 10 multiple choice questions designed to assess the applicants ability to follow logical arguments, apply deductive thinking, and draw logical inferences.
  • Numerical Reasoning consists of 10 multiple choice questions designed to assess the application of basic math skills in problem-solving.
  • Statistical Reasoning consists of 3 multi-part questions which assess the candidate's understanding and ability to interpret basic descriptive and inferential statistics. The exam covers the use of statistics up to a level taught in an introductory statistics course.
  • Management Reasoning consists of a short case description of a management situation with several open-ended analytical questions. These questions are designed to test the candidate's ability to:
    1. Use basic management theory to analyze a case,
    2. Formulate a solution, and
    3. Write clearly and cogently. Candidates may, but are not required, to specify theories used in their analysis.

Personal Panel Interview

All candidates who meet the desired targets for the English language test, the Analytical Test, master degree GPA, and the other parts of the application will be invited for an interview. This interview will be led by a small panel of faculty members who are conducting research in the students' stated area of interest. The interview will be designed to assess:
  • The candidate's purposes and goals for Ph.D. study,
  • Specific interests within their stated field (e.g., Consumer Behavior within the field of Marketing),
  • Academic and professional background in their field of interest,
  • Match with available faculty members, and
  • Commitment to study.
As noted elsewhere in the CMMU Ph.D. Program website information, applications of candidates who are interviewed but not admitted may -- at the candidate's option -- be carried over for consideration for a 2nd year at no additional fee.
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